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Tactical Business Consultants, Inc.

Our Story

Started in 2010 by a group of people who have worked in industry and have been consultants. We built this company with one goal in mind, to use our knowledge, skills, and decades of experience to make companies like yours more productive, efficient, and profitable. We believe in hands on partnership that delivers results to your company that will continue on after we have completed our mission.

Working with Executives and Managers

We build a partnership that allows us to build a strategy to take your company to the next level, we identify projects, with goals, to execute the strategy while adhering to timelines to complete these projects.

Working as the Interim

We can:

  • step in, if you need, to be that Interim COO to handle the day to day business
  • be that Director of Quality to implement a Quality System in place
  • be the Interim CEO to close a business that you bought for just the sales increase
  • be your "Go-To" team to get you through the tough times while you are searching for that permanent Team Member.

Working with the People

We not only can work the projects that will take you to the next level, we can teach your team the Lean and / or Six Sigma methodology and mentor them through this process. They will be able to continue improving your company after we are gone as Continuous Improvement Professionals and the next leaders that your business needs.

Why Us?

As you will see, we have the Battle Scars from having been there and the know how to take you to the next level.