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Tactical Business Consultants, Inc.


All Services are based on your business needs and can be modified to match those needs

Interim Executive and Manager Positions

We can partner to operate and manage your business on an interim basis as the COO, CFO, Cost Accountant, Director of Operations, Manufacturing Manager, Quality/Continuous Improvement Manager, or as needed including the CEO or Board Member.

We can:

•   handle the Day to Day operation, while searching for a permanent replacement
•   step in as the CEO / COO to improve your business or a purchased business
•   take your business to the next level
allowing you to step away from the Day to Day issues

Due Diligence

We can help you make the decision to buy or not to buy that diamond in the rough.

We can go into the prospective business, no matter how many locations and review the financial and operations data. We will physically observe the operations and report the "GOOD, BAD and UGLY" along with data driven analysis of the financials and metrics and give you a report of the basic processes, the weaknesses, the strengths, the people and key projects that will improve the standings of the current situation.

Strategy Planning and Execution

We can get your business on the right path to align with your strategic goals and objectives or develop them with you.

We partner with you to develop a strategy to identify the results and experiences you want for your business. We partner with you to execute the projects needed to get you there. We have over 20 years of getting projects done quickly and properly while putting control plans in place to keep them from reverting back to the way they were before.

Project Execution

Resource Constrained, we can get the work done with you.

We will work the identified projects to improve your operations and implement solutions to take your business to the next level.

Lean and Six Sigma Training

Training at the level you need, with or without mentoring.

We can develop a Lean, Six Sigma, or Lean Six Sigma program that to meets your needs. We can mentor your apprentices on site while assisting project completion, remotely mentor them via Skype or just train them. We prefer to mentor since mentoring delivers the best apprentices while developing them into Continuous Improvement Professionals and the next leaders, with a Continuous Improvement mindset and way of thinking, your business needs.